Wedding Preparations

24th April 2015
The day before a wedding I always try to remain calm, relaxed and utilise it as a day of preparation.

The task of battery recharging in itself is a metaphorical exercise for my own preparations.

I begin the morning with a study of the notes from the Bride & Groom Meetings. I study the family and wedding party names so that I can converse in first name terms.

Plan the Group Shot List in terms of order and possible choice of compositions.

Double check the colour scheme and ensure suit and tie matches the wedding. Polish the shoes, my partner Rebecca irons the shirt! :)

I plan the routes, upload post codes in to the sat nav in reverse order so that I get an exact route from my home to the Grooms home to Brides home, Church and final destination the Reception. Take the car through the car wash!

Next is the methodical preparation of both cameras. Going through both, side by side so that they match identically in set up right down to the exact seconds in the clock as well. This allows me to sync both sets of memory cards to align in to one file during the uploading to the iMac.

Format 8 16GB Memory Cards

The battery recharging takes virtually all day. I charge 32 2450mAh rechargeables by Eneloop Pro Batteries. 4 Canon Camera batteries, 1 Ice Light and 2 Profotto Battery Packs.

Next is the support bag with Light Stands, Softboxes, umbrellas, Flash Trigger.

Next is a little research again on the venue (if new).

Finally a recap on the notes and final revision of names and timings of the day.

Just before bed double check all bags are packed and ready in the studio for loading in to the car in the morning.

Oh I do leave the Wedding Book out so that I test myself on names and timings once more over morning coffee! Plus I type the note details in to my iphone as back up.(Must be my age)

I learnt early on in my career as a PE Teacher Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

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